Birth Support

Antenatal Visits

These two visits are when we get to  know each other and plan ahead for the birth of your baby (or babies!). I’ll help you prepare your birth preferences and provide you with evidence based information so you can make informed decisions about your care. We will also go through comfort measures and useful positions to use in labour. Antenatal visits usually take place around 25 weeks and 35 weeks, giving you plenty of time to think about your preferences and get all the information you need well in advance of the birth.

Labour and Birth

I’ll be on call from 37 weeks right up until your baby is born. Once labour begins, I can come to your home or meet you at the hospital, whenever you feel you need my support. I’ll stay with you until after your baby is born, supporting you according to your needs and preferences. You may want to labour privately with your birth partner, I can be a reassuring presence and offer back up if your partner needs a break. I can help with position changes, and gentle reminders of comfort measures that you and your partner might try. Although the labouring woman is my main focus, I’m also there to support her birth partner, it’s a real team effort. I’ll stay for an hour or two after your baby is born, and can support you with early breastfeeding if you like. I’ll leave when you’re all nice and settled.

Postpartum Visit

I’ll visit you and your birth partner after the birth, whenever you feel ready. We can talk about the birth, and your feelings about how it all went. We can also discuss your postpartum needs and I can put you in touch with local experts, services and groups that can help, if required.